How do I buy online?

There are 2 ways you can shop online:

1) Purchase using MEDiCARE “Click & Collect”. You collect your purchase and pay at your chosen store at your own convenience. Please follow the simple steps outlined “Using Click & Collect”

2) Shop online with door to door delivery service, You can select your purchase on the Website and select your payment type; COD or VNPay.

Are the promotions on the Website the same as those found in MEDiCARE stores?

Most promotions are the same on the MEDiCARE website and in stores. We do sometimes offer exclusive promotions either on the website or in stores that are not available in both. This will be made clear on the MEDiCARE website. For example “Promotion exclusive to website” or “Promotion only available at stores”

Why report that a product is out of stock even though I have added it to my bag?

This happens when multiple shoppers purchase the same product at the same time. We have a wide range and you may select a similar product as an alternative.

Why is my product a different colour from the online image?

It is possible that the colours shown on your monitor or mobile device may differ from the actual product. If you are not satisfied with your order you can return it within 7 days with a valid MEDiCARE receipt and receive a full refund or exchange.

How long does my delivery usually take? Can I get 'same day' delivery?

We always try to deliver your order as soon as possible with the type of delivery specified by our shipping partners Viettel Post. The time frame for collecting your order by Viettel Post is as follows:
– Orders placed before 16:00 are collected during the same day.
– Viettel Post will collect your order when en-route within the timeframe listed above and not at a fixed time.

Working hours may be affected during public holidays.

Viettel Post are always available to support customers as much as possible.

However, Viettel Post’s staff deliver goods by motorbike and carry many valuable orders, so Viettel Post encourages customers in high rise buildings and apartments to come down to the ground floor receive goods from the delivery staff.

Delivery charges? How can I get free shipping?

Delivery charges are calculated using Viettel rates based weight, delivery destination and the type of shipping you choose. We sometimes have reduced rates or free shipping promotions which are announced on the website. These are always made clear before you place your order.

How can I check my order status and track my order?

Log in to “My Account” to check the status of your order.

Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?

Changing the shipping address after placing an order will affect the shipping process. Please contact us for assistance at: customerinfo@medicare.com.vn or via Website: www.medicare.vn/Contact Us

Why was my delivery unsuccessful? Why was my package returned? I have not received my order yet.

There are many possible reasons:
1) Your address was incorrect or incomplete.
2) Invalid phone number or could not connect at the time of delivery.
3) Delayed by delivery service provider.

Please go to “Track Your Order” under “My Orders” to find your tracking number.

You can also contact us for assistance at: customerinfo@medicare.com.vn or via Website: www.medicare.vn/Contact Us

I ordered via 'Click & Collect' to pick up at my MEDiCARE store but I changed my mind and don’t want the product I ordered, what do I do ?

If after 24 hours you do not collect your “Click & Collect’ order, it will be cancelled. You can reset your Click & Collect order and reselect the products you want and place another order.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept the following payment types at our stores:
– Cash
– Credit card / Debit card / VISA / MASTER/ JCB / American Express / Union Pay / Discover / Napas / Diners Club International
– E-wallet GrabPay by Moca, VNPay
– E-voucher Gotit / Urbox
– MEDiCARE Voucher

For the simplicity & convenience of online shopping, we support the following payment types:
– Cash on Delivery (COD)
– E-wallet VNPay

The products you delivered are not what I ordered or are damaged or in poor condition, how can I return them? What is the refund policy?

We hope you’ll love your MEDiCARE purchase but if you want to return anything, we will happily refund you for any items you return to us in any store even when bought at another store, or shop online.

The product needs to be in an unused and resalable condition within 7 days of purchase with a valid receipt. Please refer to the information on the Returns & Refunds Policy for the latest information.

Can I cancel my order?

Customer’s order will be processed immediately upon payment confirmation. For assistance with cancellation, please contact us: customerinfo@medicare.com.vn or via Website: www.medicare.vn/Contact Us

What refund options are available to me?

This depends on the type of payment you used when you bought (Cash or other types of payment). If you paid in cash you will receive a refund in cash. If you paid using another method please check our Returns & Refunds Policy.

I clicked on a product I wanted to order but when I chose a store to order from, the product 'disappeared'. Why?

When you enter the website you can review ‘ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING @ MEDiCARE’. These are all the products we sell. When you choose a store to order from we only show you what is available from that store. We have stores of many sizes so we are unable to have every product available in smaller stores. You can choose a larger store to order from near you which may have the product you want.



What is the MEDiCARE CLUB?

The MEDiCARE CLUB allows members to earn reward points based on the buying behaviour of their friends.

Every time you successfully introduce a friend as a new member to the MEDiCARE CLUB and they make your recommended purchase you will earn reward points.

Accordion Panel

This means your friend, who is not a yet a MEDiCARE CLUB member, can purchase the product you shared with them at a -10% discount.

Once they complete this purchase, they automatically become a MEDiCARE CLUB member and also receive a BONUS of 20,000 reward points in their wallet.

How does the MEDiCARE CLUB work?

To start, make sure you are a MEDiCARE CLUB member. Next, share your favourite product tagged with an emoji with a friend who is not yet a member of the CLUB.

Once your friend purchases your recommended product on the MEDiCARE website (not in a store) they are automatically enrolled as a MEDiCARE CLUB member.

As you recommended the new member, every time they purchase any product on the MEDiCARE website your will earn reward points. This is currently 10% of the total value of the  products purchased (excluding VAT and shipping costs).

You can use your reward points in your wallet to pay for your next order on the MEDiCARE website.

How do I become a MEDiCARE CLUB member?

Register yourself on the www.medicare.vn home page by clicking “Register” or simply start shopping on the website and register yourself as you complete your order.

I tried to register myself as member but failed. Why?

The MEDiCARE CLUB can only register one verified mobile phone number. If your mobile number has been previously registered on the MEDiCARE website then it cannot be used to register again.

How do I know which products I can share?

Every product that is tagged with a MEDiCARE CLUB emoji can be shared and attracts reward points on every purchase, even if they are on promotion.

All MEDiCARE EXCLUSIVE products are part of the MEDiCARE CLUB.

How do I share a product?

Sharing is simple! Underneath the products tagged with an emoji you see the icons of various social media platforms. Choose your favourite one and write a personal message to your friend telling them that a -10% discount is waiting if they purchase that product within 24 hours and will also receive a bonus award of 20,000 reward points in their wallet. (Note: This offer is only available via the MEDiCARE website and not in stores).

Before sending your message select your phone platform type (Android or IOS).

Share your message and product link with your friend. Once they click on the link the 24 hour countdown will start.

Does my friend receive a discount on all products that I share with them?

Your friend will enjoy a one time -10% discount on the first product shared and 20,000 bonus reward points if they purchase within 24 hours of opening the link.

You can share as many products as you want but your friend will only get -10% discount once and on one product.. They can order a maximum of one case (Usually 12 to 24 units) of the product you recommended at -10% discount.

Do I earn reward points on my own purchases?

No you don’t.

You earn reward points for all the MEDiCARE website purchases made of   products by the friends you have introduced and who have successfully become a MEDiCARE CLUB member.

The more friends you share your favourite products with, the more will become MEDiCARE CLUB members by purchasing your recommended products.

Remember, you will earn reward points on all future MEDiCARE website purchases of tagged products that your friends make. (including their first purchase at -10% discount).

How many reward points do I earn when my friends purchase?

For all products that your friends purchase on the MEDiCARE website, you receive reward points based on 10% of the total purchase value (Excluding VAT & Shipping costs).

What is the value of 1 reward point?

One point has a redemption value of One VND but cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do I earn reward points when my friend purchase products on one of the MEDiCARE stores or via an e-commerce platform like Sendo, Lazada etc.?

No, you only earn reward points for purchases which your friends make on the MEDiCARE website.

Where can I find a summary of my reward points?

You will find a summary of your reward points in your payment wallet. You see this when you log into your MEDiCARE website customer account.

How can I spend my reward points?

You can use your reward points to pay for your online orders on the MEDiCARE website.

You can redeem up to a maximum of 50% of your total invoice value with reward points from your wallet. (Excluding VAT and Shipping costs).

How do I redeem my reward points against purchases on the website?

1. After selecting “buy”, during the payment process, if you want to use your reward points, you select “use a payment wallet”.

2. After selecting “use a payment wallet”, you will key in the amount of reward points that you want to use and click on “pay from wallet”.

3. You will receive an email to confirm the order value and the reward points redeemed. (Remember: maximum redemption is 50% of the purchase value – excluding VAT and Shipping costs).

4. You will clearly see the amount of reward points you will spend. These reward points will be deducted automatically from your wallet once you have completed the payment transaction.

I used my reward points to pay for one of my orders on the MEDiCARE website. I want to cancel the order or return the product. Do I get my reward points back?

Yes, you will have your reward points refunded when you cancel your order or return one or more of the products you purchased.

As this is a manual process, it can take up to 7 days to complete the refund of reward points to your wallet.

See full returns & refund Terms & Conditions by clicking here

Do my reward points expire?

Yes. They expire 12 months after you have earnt them.

Can I transfer my reward points to a friend?

No. Reward points are not transferrable.

My reward points will expire soon. Can I get cash instead?

No. Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash. Make a purchase on the MEDiCARE website to use them up before they expire.

My reward points have expired. Can I have them reactivated?

No. Expired reward points cannot be reactivated. Make sure you spend them before they expire.

Why is it so important to use a valid and up-to-date email address when I register myself as MEDiCARE CLUB member?

Only by using a valid and up to date email address can your receive our newsletter, special deals and sometimes even free reward points!

Always ensure the email address you have used to register on the MEDiCARE website is current, active and up to date.

Still have a question?

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