Price Policy

We make every effort to ensure all our product prices are correct on the website and these are the prices you pay when ordering immediately. Prices can change overnight, especially at the beginning or end of a promotion so please check the exact price if making your purchase from a store a day or two after checking the website.

All prices include VAT.

Promotion Policy

MEDiCARE runs many promotions every month so please check the validity dates to ensure you can enjoy the lower prices during the promotion period. Most products will revert back to their full price at the end of the promotion period.

We always show the previous full price next to the lower promotion price on the website and in stores. During annual SALE, sometimes a whole brand or product category is offered at a fixed discount, for example 30% off. This discount is applied when you purchase the product and can be clearly seen on your receipt.

Sometimes our product suppliers will also offer MEDiCARE customers extra value. For example: bonus gifts, 20% extra free or lucky draws. You will be entitled to these offers in addition to any MEDiCARE promotions for the same products.

Promotion offers can sometimes be limited to a maximum quantity per customer. This is to ensure all customers can enjoy the extra value or there is limited quantity of a very high demand product and a limit is to ensure fairness. For example, face masks or hand sanitizer during a virus outbreak. 

Promotions can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Any changes to promotions will be advised on the website and in stores. You can always contact us or talk to a member of staff in store for more information.

We work hard to ensure that all stores are in stock of promotion products during the whole promotion period. We sometimes get it wrong and sell out faster than we expected. Stores can take your contact details and call you when your product is back in stock.

We have many different sizes of store so it is not possible to offer all of our 8,500 products in all stores. If you are shopping on the website you can choose the store you want to shop in which will only show you the products available at that store to avoid disappointment.